Aldo Vidar Sanne CEO & Founder of Smart Capital-ALBE Investments Inc. Aldo has worked over 30 years in finance, International technology, sales and marketing. Aldo is considered by many to be among the first to introduce consumers to mobile marketing in 2000 and VAS (Value added services)

Prior to founding ALBE Investments Aldo was and still is CEO/President and Founder of Smart Capital Inc Inc a international consulting company with operation in Reykjavik, Toronto, New York, London, Los Angeles and Oslo. (www.smartcapital.is) and SmartSMS an International mobile marketing enabler with operations spanning 17 countries, including the United States. 

SmartSMS has run thousands of mobile marketing initiatives, with globally recognized brands, Coca Cola, Budweiser, Visa, MasterCard, Hyundai and Volkswagen to name a few. In addition to ALBE Investments, Aldo has launched several successful start ups ventures worldwide, including My Gold Cloud, 1973 Holding, My Personal Postman, M&M Marketing Iceland, M&M Marketing London, Nor Finance Norway, Smart Auglýsingar, Smart Entertainment, SmartSMS, SmartAds, 1973 Consulere Inc and Time Share Iceland to name few.

Prior to Aldo’s start ups Aldo was COO for Subway Iceland and Skífan Iceland, Iceland biggest record label. 

sigurberg ingi / Co-founder & ceo

Sigurberg Ingi Palmason CEO & Co Founder ALBE Investments Inc with main focus on Investing, consulting and purchasing and operating in Spain, Iceland, UK and USA. Sigurberg “Beggi” has worked over 30 years in property management and finance sales and marketing. Sigurberg established his 1st start up company Málar Inc 30 years ago a International property and investment firm with main focus on the Icelandic market. The company is still operating with over 100 employees. 

Prior to founding ALBE Investments Sigurberg was CEO/President and Founder of Sérmálun Inc, an International property developer with operations world wide. In addition to ALBE Investments Inc , Sigurberg is Co Founder and major shareholder in 1973 Consulere Inc, a investment and financial management firm, Smart Capital Inc a International consulting company with operation in Reykjavik, Toronto, New York, London, Los Angeles and Oslo and Time Share Iceland with operations in over 11 countries. 

Prior to Sigurbert start ups Sigurberg was COO for Gæðamálun, property developer Iceland and SmartSMS and world known marketing firm and owner of the trademark SmarSMS and Smart Entertainment.

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